We need energy to do all things.  We need energy to wake up in the morning.  We need more energy to run a marathon. And if you have a disease that you are trying to heal, you need even more energy. If you own a company that needs to reorganize in order to continue to thrive, you cannot take this on if you are energy poor. You are going to have to be fully charged with all the creative, transformative and take-action energy that you have. You must be energy rich. 

Energy Rich vs. Energy Neutral

Energy neutral is when you have the perception and/or awareness that you don't have the resources to heal yourself, solve a problem, or see a situation in a different way.  You are able to access just enough energy to get by.  When a challenge or difficulty presents itself, it all falls apart.  This is when symptoms appear.  They may show up as pain, a condition, relationship issues, work dissatisfaction and so on.  Because there is a lack of energetic resources, the solution to the problem is sought from the outside and the cause of the situation is blamed on something outside of you.  It takes energy to take responsibility -- this is what we are able to do when we are Energy Rich.

Since being energy rich allows us to take responsibility, it makes us “response-able.”  This allows us the choice of how we are going to respond to a challenging situation rather than the only option to be to react with fight or flight as we do when we are energy poor or neutral.  Having choice gives us the opportunity to take on challenges and grow from them.  It allows us to see all situations in life as an opportunity for growth. This approach to healing and living is the basis of Reorganizational Living and Reorganizational Healing.

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