Ever wake up and have a low energy day?  Everything you do that day seems overwhelming. If you wake up and have a high energy day, however, you feel like you can take on anything.

When we are overwhelmed by a painful, stressful or traumatic event, our body naturally takes the offending energy of the event and pushes it to the back of our mind -- our spine. From there the body locks it away to be dealt with at some later time (until we have enough energy to take on the pain or stress of the event).  Portions of our energy become locked up in these defensive patterns.  Less energy is available, which makes life progressively more overwhelming.

Meanwhile, the energy that we need to be energy rich and turn our lives around is there, locked up in these defensive patterns... we just need to be able to access it.  Reorganizational Healing helps us to create strategies to access energy that makes us feel more energy rich.  This gives you the strength to feel like you can take on the pain and stress that at one time seemed so overwhelming.  As we do this, we liberate the once-locked-away energy and use it to make us more energy rich. The more energy rich we become, the more we can take on and the more energy we can liberate... and the process continues.  As we progress, we approach all situations and challenges with the idea that as we take them on, we liberate the energy of the event and use it to make ourselves more energy rich.  This turns what would be stress into opportunity.  At this point, we have no reason to take on an energy neutral behavior, blame the stress on someone or something, or look for someone or something to fix it. If they did, they would take away an opportunity for growth and a chance to be even more energy rich.  This is the basis of Reorganizational Living, a wonderful way to live and thrive in our world.

Living energy rich is certainly what we all want, but if we need energy to become energy rich and continue to grow and become more energy rich throughout our lives, then we need a consistent means of accessing the energy inside of us.  That is where the strategies come in...

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