We help you create strategies using Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration.  These healing modalities are specifically designed to help you create physical strategies that are activated both consciously and subconsciously as we live our lives.  

Network Spinal Analysis involves the application of gentle contacts to the spine at areas called spinal gateways, which are access points to energy.  Energy to heal, perform in sports, succeed in business, be our best in a relationship, and to change a situation in life that we know we need to change - energy to live a richer and more fulfilling life.  The spinal gateway contacts help us connect to the energy that we use to become energy rich.

As Network care progresses, strategies begin to emerge that create access to higher levels of energy. We use the Levels of Care to define the emerging strategies so that we can continue to provide the type of care necessary to keep the strategies advancing and new ones emerging.  Each new strategy indicates a higher level of organization in the nervous system. This higher level of organization brings a greater possibility for healing, function, and change.  Each new level gives us that much more of an opportunity to accomplish our goals.

Somato Respiration Integration is based on what is known as The 12 Stages of Healing.  It is used to enhance the experience of the different rhythms of healing energy that exist. The increased awareness of the different ways that our energy expresses itself aids in our progress during a network session.  When we are challenged in life or are looking for growth or a breakthrough the ability to recognize the stage of healing that we are in at that time by the rhythm of the energy that you are experiencing can assist you in fully experiencing the stage you are in and moving forward.

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