Dr. Witt, "On Being Energy Rich"

Dr. Witt shares his perspective in his article "On Being Energy Rich."

I present this article and approach to life and health to give you information, perspective, behavior, and structure that will empower you, encourage you, and help you to believe in yourself and what you are capable of in a way you may have never experienced before.

The information and its application in your life and your health may bring up some emotions for you because they may challenge some beliefs that you live by.  My suggestion is that you stay open.  If you encounter suffering as a result, just know that though it is truly a difficult place, the transformation to a better life with better health is right on the other side.  Thank you.

Energy Rich

You feel alive, vital, and confident in your ability to access energetic resources in order to heal yourself, accomplish difficult tasks, and make the changes you need to make in your life.  You have the energetic resources needed to recognize your role in all situations of life and to be the agent of the change you would like to see in the world.

An example of this may be becoming more understanding of others’ weaknesses and struggles rather than trying to change or fix them because their struggles make you uncomfortable or cause conflict in your lives.

Energy Neutral

You have just enough energy to get by.  You do not have the reserves of energy needed to heal yourself when symptoms or conditions arise, so you look for outside resources to “resolve” the situation.  This also applies to a conflict in life or in a relationship where the stress or the conflict is the equivalent of the condition or disease.  We often look for a “magical” fix in another person, procedure, medication, new job, new place to live, etc.

Because you are aware of a lack of resources, you blame your current circumstances on someone or something else.  You know that if you take responsibility, you will have to recognize that it is you that needs to change or heal.  Unfortunately, you know that you don't have the resources to do that; blaming someone or some outside cause allows you to stay the same.

Energy Poor

You are truly struggling with life at the moment. You often have an advanced disease or condition, and treatment may be the only way to stay alive.  This is a very difficult, but it can also be a gift because suffering, or “rock bottom,” is not far away – that is always where the healing process starts.  In energy neutral, a great amount of energy, money, and time is spent trying to protect you from feeling this way.

Equilibrium Energy

Energy keeps us from being at equilibrium with the environment.  Energy allows us to be “organized” into human beings.  The presence of energy holds it all together by keeping “dirt” vibrating at a higher level.  A high level of energy (energy rich) keeps all the different parts of our body functioning the way it was designed. We call this health.  When our energy drops so low that we can no longer keep the properties of a human anymore, we pass away.  Should our energy drop – let’s say 50 percent (energy neutral) – parts of our bodies begin to lose their specific differentiation from the environment and begin to break down.  These parts are considered diseased.  Disease is not the cause of the problem, however. The problem is that the body parts do not have the energy they need to stay far from equilibrium – in other words, to keep from becoming dirt.  The body parts simply need energy.

Your Intention

There is a saying in life: Whatever you feed will grow.

Say, for example, you have a symptom or condition that developed out of being energy neutral in that part of your body.  We typically focus our attention on the diseased part of our body in hopes that it will go away.  Therefore, our attention goes to an energy neutral area that started the disease in the first place. We then get more of that energy neutral state and more of the disease that goes with it.  Next, we take on an energy neutral behavior and look for somebody to treat the condition.  We now have two people focusing attention on being energy neutral (where we don’t have resources of energy to heal ourselves), further reinforcing the state that caused a part of our bodies to not have the resources we need to stay far from equilibrium (alive and healthy) in the first place.  The model of healthcare that goes with this serves to treat the condition with drugs – speed up/ slow down, replace its function or just remove the diseased (or working towards equilibrium) part – and thus does nothing to help the person to be more energy rich.

We then blame the existence of the diseased part on some outside force and suggest that the solution will also come from some outside force.  This creates a more energy neutral experience and further reinforces this state.  This creates the spiral downward that we have come to accept with aging.  The truth is that the disease is nothing more than our excuse to not step up and become who and what we have the potential to be: energy rich.

In fact, we have a choice of which path we want to take.  With each choice, we continue to experience the consciousness that comes with each decision.  The consequences can be good or bad.  The consequences of choosing energy rich may include more vibrant health, more fulfilling relationships, more peace, more success, more happiness and so on.

So why wouldn’t we chose energy rich?  Well, sometimes we don’t even know there is a choice.  We have been raised to accept energy neutral as normal, but we also have to look at why we go from energy rich at birth to energy neutral --- why wouldn't we always be energy rich?

If we have an experience (physical, emotion, mental or chemical trauma) in the course of our lives that we are unprepared for, we become defensive and lock away the energy of the experience.  Why would we be unprepared?  Perhaps it’s due to a belief that existed in your household growing up that said, "Don't go too high; you might fall down.”  You therefore wouldn’t possess confidence in yourself to handle a certain experience, making the experience traumatic.

Compare how we get hurt when we fall compared to how many times football players fall and don't get hurt. They have a different belief system about falling.  To them, it’s part of the game.  To us, it’s traumatic.  What if we were able to see all of our experiences in life as being part of the game?  How different would our lives be?  This is the way it is when we are energy rich.  When we are energy rich, we are vital and confident that we can handle whatever life throws our way.  And not only handle, but grow from the experience or allow the experience to just be part of the game.

So, we have the experience that we interpreted as traumatic and we locked away the offending energy.  This area of our body and life is now energy neutral or poor, depending on how severe we interpret the trauma to be.  We make excuses for ourselves and our lives because if we want to raise our energy up, we have to confront the offending energy and the pain we associate with it. Sometimes we choose to not deal with the offending energy because we don't believe that we have what it takes to move through it.

This is often the reason why we choose the path of energy neutral.  It allows us to not confront the experience and to stay numb and asleep.  But it also comes with consequences: deceased parts of our body, difficulty with our relationships, an eternal loop of being stuck and looking for a magic genie, new pill, or new partner – anything to make it all better. We must transform our thoughts to recognize that if we had more energy, we could transform our bodies and lives into something better and have the resources we need to heal the pain.

But what if the purpose of the pain was to interrupt our life, to make us realize that the path we chose wasn't working?  To make us realize that the current level we are at has become unacceptable to us? To make the path we are on so miserable that experiencing the experience that seemed so bad (that we blocked from our awareness) was actually better than what we have going on now?

The pain is there to make us realize that we are living in a lower energy state, that we have lowered our standards of what our lives have the potential to be and we have settled for a second rate existence. This should be painful!

The pain grows out of this state and is there to make us stop and recognize that we must change if we want our lives to be better.  It is through the pain that we are able to come to know what it is that we must confront and move through.  But we cannot do this if we keep pushing the pain away with treatments and medications.  

So how do we raise our energy up?  Reorganizational Healing helps us to develop new strategies and to learn ways to effectively and efficiently raise our energy so that we can build the confidence we need to experience life in its entirety.  This is because when we are energy rich, we are able to see experiences as part of the game rather than as trauma. We are able to use the energy that has been locked up in the defensive area to become even more energy rich.

Ideally, we are able to free up all our energy and be the complete expression of who and what we were meant to be.  We call this “Energy Super Rich.”  With energy super rich, the rapture does not come from your own peak. Instead, we experience it by bringing it to others.

We get more of that which we place our attention on.  During a reorganizational healing session, do you want to focus your attention on the pain going away or on the energy?  What is going to help you more?  What do you want more of?  Ultimately, having more energy will always help you.  If you are able to reorganize your body and life to a higher level, you won't have to be in pain – until, that is, the level you are at becomes unacceptable and it is time to organize to a higher level again.  We can only be at peace when we are growing. As far the pain is concerned, when a part of your body is energy rich, it will be far from equilibrium. This distance will give the body part a much greater potential to heal itself and function the way it was designed to. If you are energy rich and your desire is to become increasingly more energy rich in your life, when the pain is telling you to change and reorganize to a higher level, YOU DO!

The thing about energy is that regardless of your circumstance, it will always be better if you are energy rich.  If you have a terminal illness (that could be genetic), would you be better off being energy rich, poor, or neutral as you go through you life and undergo different treatments and therapies?  Sometimes, we are so consumed with whether or not the disease has gone away that we forget that there is a person who is dealing with the disease.  That person deserves to have the best life they can while they deal with the disease.  Their life will be far better if they are energy rich in spite of their illness, or while they are healing their illness and changing the future genetic code for the rest of their family lineage.

The same holds true for us.  Regardless of what is going on in our lives, if we are energy rich we will be better able to deal with it, heal, and play the game. What if the only goal of an NSA session was to be more energy rich?  What if we did whatever we needed to during the session, experienced whatever we had to experience, if we moved, shifted and breathed in whatever way we needed to, and learned what we needed to learn about how we move our energy, just for the sake of becoming energy rich?  How different would the session be?  How different would your intention be?  How much more helpful and effective would the session be?

If we learned what our personal strategies were for connecting to energy and moving it where we needed to, and were able to use those strategies both during a session and in life, can you see how different this is than lying on the table, hoping that I will (energy neutral) do something to make the pain go away and just make it more comfortable for you to exist at the level you are at in life and with the consequences that go with it?

The choice is ultimately yours, but I hope that for your sake, the sake of your family, your community and humanity, you chose energy rich.